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Benjamin Franklin

"Nobel prize in productivity to AINTscience developer"

- "Everybody lies", says Gregory House.

- "Everybody knows", sings Leonard Cohen.

- "Time is money", said Benjamin Franklin.

Admittedly, the heading is a lie, because Mr. Nobel did not see productivity as science, he probably never even considered it, along with computer science (understandably) and mathematics. What's more, the heading is not plausible. Productivity won't grab the headlines, there's never a "Shockingly high productivity", not even an "Overwhelming productivity increase".

"Everybody knows" that productivity is slow, hard work, and even Nobel's dynamite could not cause explosions of creation or productivity. To create and produce, spending whatever time it takes is necessary e.g. to find vital infor­ma­tion and files.

"Lots of time wasted!", ain't a great headline, but it is usually not a lie. "Lots of time saved!", ain't a great headline either, but neither is it a lie, it happens all the time, and that's why AINTscience is designed to help save time and gain productivity. It's no headline-grabbing cure-all, snake-oil or miracle medicine, but it makes it easier to organize files better.

OK then, maybe AINTscience doesn't deserve any Nobel prize, but it's a good headline.

Back to Ben Franklin, who said "Time is money". Personally, this writer has never understood exactly what he meant, but thinks he is probably right.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. About those productive people who just look where the files are and find them (front page text), they can't really do that unless 1) they already know where the files are, or 2) the files are easy to find. Even the most productive and hyper-active Duracell rabbits I know need well organized data to keep making the rest of us feel slow. AINTscience is for them, too.

Did you know ...

  • That the Nobel prizes were instituted by Alfred Nobel in his will written in 1895?
  • That the first Nobel prize was awarded in 1901?
  • That there is no Nobel prize for the most purely theoretical of sciences: mathematics?
  • That Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and gelignite, and
  • is said to have instituted the Nobel prizes to leave a better legacy?
  • That the Nobel prizes are awarded in Stockholm, except the peace prize, which is awarded in Oslo?

AINTscience is:

The AINTscience color-coding flag
  • A simple, logical framework of
  • concepts,
  • rules, and
  • guidelines,
  • designed to create sustainably consistent file server directory structures that are
  • easy to grasp,
  • fast to use, and
  • uncomplicated to maintain.

AINTscience ain't
AINTscience is simple,
AINTscience works.
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