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About the AINTscience seriously and not 'news' pages

Greetings, prospective future friend

You have now reached the website of AINTscience, aptly named We are quite possibly at home right now, so if you care to leave a message at, we will get right back to you. (Try to imagine a sinusoidal beep here, if you are used to auditory prompts to get you going. We would really like to hear any comments or suggestions.) is a website dedicated to informing anyone interested about the virtues of AINTscience.

The entire site concerns what AINTscience can be used for, what it is, and how to get it.

The form of these pages

As you can see, this part of the AINTscience website is formed like a newspaper, even though it is not. This form is chosen because it is a very functional form, honed over centuries by some of the world's most competent writers to be readable, interesting and well suited for presenting unrelated pieces of information. Some items, such as the city names before many of the texts are mere props to support the newspaper image.

That these "seriously and not 'news'"-pages are not really a newspaper should be obvious from the fact that they only concern one subject, AINTscience.

Form of the content

The content of these pages are written and maintained by Kjell Øystein Arisland, who firmly believes in not taking things too seriously. Humour is serious business, and he is but a rank amateur, so on these pages there is no serious humour. Conversely, there is hardly any subject here that is treated entirely seriously either, even though AINTscience is serious enough for most purposes.

"Humor is the only test of gravity, and gravity of humor; for a subject which will not bear raillery is suspicious, and a jest which will not bear serious examination is false wit." -- Aristotle

That sounds kind of serious, so apparently Aristotle was serious about his humour.

On looking up an even better, and more humorous quote by Piet Hein, which he (Kjell Øystein) didn't find, he found the following instead:

Albert Einstein

You'll probably find
that it suits your book
to be a bit cleverer
than you look.
Observe that the easiest
method by far
is to look a bit stupider
than you are.

Piet Hein is right, like these wisdom people have a knack for. Kjell Øystein likes good quotes, partly because borrowing other people's wisdom makes him look cleverer. On the other hand, even though it is said that one cannot learn from other people's mistakes, science has taught us that we can learn from other people's success. This probably applies also to wisdom, so the AINTscience documentation borrows frequently from quotes of wisdom.

As an example, consider Albert Einstein. He said that "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler". He didn't say how, except for on some subjects that nobody finds simple. Fortunately AINTscience ain't that kind of science, but it ain't too simple either.

your friendly AINTscience news reporter
Kjell Øystein

AINTscience is:

The AINTscience color-coding flag
  • A simple, logical framework of
  • concepts,
  • rules, and
  • guidelines,
  • designed to create sustainably consistent file server directory structures that are
  • easy to grasp,
  • fast to use, and
  • uncomplicated to maintain.

AINTscience ain't
AINTscience is simple,
AINTscience works.
Get AINTscience now.

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As an AINTscience business licencee, you also get the AINTscience Reference Manual, which is written for system administrators and other geeks who love details and understanding the nuts and bolts. It is available for viewing and downloading in .pdf form.

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