AINTscience - organize your information.


How to organize business files on your file server in a simple and intuitive structure.

AINTscience is easily adaptable to your business, fast to learn, and efficient to use.
Leverage your business information: Transform your business document file server from a liability and into your most valuable asset.
Picture this: the main document file server is a pain to maintain, clogged with unnecessary copies of documents in all the wrong places, and it's hard to find what you're looking for. (Many costly consequences ridiculed here)
The solution is called AINTscience. It's free for all personal businesses, $49 if you have up to 50 employees. The only real cost is the time you spend adapting AINTscience in your organization. That cost is arguably the best investment your company will ever make. Because your file server will cease to be a problem, will become a pleasure to use, people will stop placing important documents where they should not be.
And most importantly: your people will find that valuable information they are looking for and can put it to revenue-generating use when it's needed.
Natural information Carl von Linné

Taxonomy rules !
Increase efficiency Ben Franklin

"Time is money"
Information architecture Frank Lloyd Wright

By design
Control complexity Albert Einstein

Simplicity is the key
Leverage your information Francis Bacon

"Knowledge itself is power"
AINTscience is:
  • A simple, logical framework of
  • concepts,
  • rules, and
  • guidelines,
  • designed to create
  • sustainably consistent file server directory structures that are
  • easy to grasp,
  • fast to use, and
  • uncomplicated to maintain.
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